Our FAQ list is being developed as we go, feel free to <Feedback form>contact us with any questions you may have.


Q> Why Hanza Trade?

A> Hanza Trade has been launched to help smaller entities raise money in the local marketplace – at first in Torun and hopefully further afield too.

Every day at Hanza Cafe we meet artists, entrepreneurs and event organisers who have great ideas they want to bring to fruition. With Hanza Trade we want to make it easier to raise money and develop your ideas to become viable.

Hanza is a core trading group, hence we use the phrase in circulation for many hundreds of years to define a trade group dating back to the Hanseatic League of which our home city, Torun, was a member.


Q> Can I raise money for any form of product or service via Hanza Trade?

A> Essentially yes, so long as it is legal. We also reserve the right to check your background as we only want to deliver projects from reputable individuals or entities.


Q> Who is Behind Hanza Trade?

A> Hanza Trade was created by Patrick and Beata Young, who are entrepreneurs in Torun, Poland and run the local tech cafe / startup centre Hanza Cafe from which the idea for Hanza Trade was born.