For Fund Raisers

How to Create A Project

Have you a great product or idea you want to list on Hanza Trade?

Simple – send us an email <poss link to form?>… we will evaluate your project’s suitability and revert to you.

We are open to listing any project that involves selling either a product or service. (We do not currently allow you to sell shares or investments via our platform). It may be a whole new idea, whole new business / product or just an incremental improvement or limited edition.

Ideas may include:

  • Selling a product: Our first project with Audun Coffee involves selling 200kg of coffee to create a pathfinder demand for his unique designer coffee product, developed in Norway, roasted in Poland with expert finesse.
  • An idea or event: Want to create a new event or happening? List it on and sell tickets / participation / support via Hanza Trade and you can see if it is viable with public supporters…

As a broad guideline: so long as you are delivering a tangible product or a service which is legal, it can be listed on Hanza Trade.

(Other forms of crowdfunding may be added in due course as we expand the platform).

The Process

We encourage you to list your project with several possible opportunities to participate, i.e. using different tiers of support with simple items, and more complex packages. It can be useful to include special incentives such as unique items available only at the time of the crowd funding campaign to help you reach your goals.

You are welcome to add photos / graphics and videos to the project descriptions on our website to highlight your unique product.

Choose a time length for your campaign and you are ready to go!

What We Do

At Hanza Trade, we list the campaign on our platform and promote it through our social media channels and via our regular customers.

Once they have bought a product or service, Hanza Trade keeps the money customers pledge to buy your goods/services safe in our escrow account until you are ready to ship the product or deliver the service.

As soon as you post the product, we pay you – this way buyers know their money is secure before you are ready to ship.


Core Campaign

You organise your campaign and we run it through the site.

  • We charge a flat fee of 7.5% from the total amount raised by your project;

Assisted Campaign

  • Here we offer an additional tier of service to help your project succeed including feedback on your Presentation / Packages etc to help make your campaign more successful.
    • for this added value service, we charge 10% of the amount raised.
  • Please Note that fees for processing payments which banks and processors charge are in addition to the core Hanza Trade fee.