About Us

Hanza Trade is a platform for selling products to the crowd – a type of “CrowdFunding.”

We have been created in the city of Torun, Poland, amidst the startup ecosystem pioneered by Mission ToRun, the startup group run from our sister company, Hanza Cafe where we serve scrummy cake, great coffee and love working to help build business in our community.

Hanza Trade is a platform for growth – to help initiatives gain the funding they require, by delivering products and services which make life better.

About Hanza Trade

Hanza Trade is a wholly owned subsidiary of Projekt Vistula Sp. z o.o., a Torun-based company operating in multiple sectors which aims to build economic growth and help develop the Polish and regional economy through innovation and initiative.

Our Management

Patrick L Young Chairman & CEO

A former stock exchange CEO and an expert in financial technology (#fintech), Patrick L Young is the author of bestselling books about finance, markets, and digital technology such as “Capital Market Revolution!” (FT Prentice Hall 1999). He is a co founder of startup group Mission ToRun and an active investor in Poland and the New Europe with 20 years experience in online business.

Beata Young – CMO, Member of the Board

CEO of Hanza Cafe, Beata is a serial entrepreneur as well as co-founder and Chairman of the startup group Mission ToRun. In addition to her demonstrable passion for startups, Beata is the local coordinator for the international organisation promoting women in technology: Geek Girls Carrots.